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Do Local Brick n Mortars Need A Website?

You already know how having a website can help people in your community find your business. And that isn’t the only benefit. Here’s our list for why having a website for your business is an absolute must:

24/7 Exposure.
Why put an end to shopping opportunities at six p.m.? Your brick-and-mortar location has “office” hours and people who wish to make a purchase or simply have questions will have to accommodate this schedule. But the convenience of a website, especially one that offers e-commerce, is that people can take care of their business on their own time. They can browse, shop, read your FAQs or send you an email—all while you’re sleeping or enjoying dinner out with your family. So quite simply, the more exposure you have, the better chance you have of making a sale.
New Customers.
You probably have loyal shoppers who live or work in the neighborhood, but you are missing out on a whole other world of potential customers just because they don’t live in your zip code. Even if you distribute flyers, advertise in the local papers, and send out email blasts, you’re still limited to the customers you know, their friends and family, and other locals. Having a website allows you to tap into a national or international market that is already out there and grow your customer base—not to mention increase sales.
Easy and Cost-efficient.
Sure, web design used to be complex when people had to calculate their own color values and program each element of a page. But did you know that web design does not have to put your business in debt?

WordPress offers a way where you can hire a web designer, such as Local Boost, to do the initial design.  Then with some training, you will be able to edit and update the website yourself.

You do not need to get locked into monthly contracts with a web designer.  Most of the honest ones will only charge for the time they spend on edits and updates.

Research shows that 89 percent of today’s shoppers prefer to shop online over at a store for the convenience, and the younger generation may even be suspicious of a business’ lack of online presence. Including a website in your branding strategy gives you the credibility that consumers are looking for when they are at the point of purchase. Your website should include a blog where you (or someone you hire) writes posts about your product, service or industry in a way that makes you an expert and the go-to website for information or tips. This furthers your reputation and gives you more credibility, which can, in turn, lead to more sales.
Pre-sell Products.
With a website, it’s easy to pre-sell your products that are still in the production process. All you need is one or two quality photos, an alluring description, and an availability date. Get people excited about your new product well before it ever hits the shelves, and gather the customers’ pre-sell orders through your website. Keep in mind that an online presence doesn’t exclude a brick-and-mortar shop; you can always allow shoppers to place the order online but encourage them to pick it up at your location. This is a clever way to get people into the store and create a reputation for being a business with stellar online and offline service.
Stay Current.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 470,000 small businesses close every year. This means that today’s mom-and-pop store owner needs to be a marketer, a social media strategist, a PR expert, a skilled salesperson—and, of course, have a top-notch product to sell. While this may sound like a lot, it is easier to do when you have a website, because much of it is taken care for you. For example, building a website with WordPress makes it simple to optimize your site with keywords for high search engine ranking (marketing), link up to all your social media accounts (social strategy), and include quality photos that, with your eye-catching product description, is sure to draw in customers (sales).

Web Design

We specialize in small business web design and development that represents your brand and conveys your message in the strongest ways possible. Below is some of our recent work.

Internet Marketing

We are experts when it comes to developing successful internet marketing strategies to suit your brand, market, and customer base.

Local SEO

We work with our clients to provide a custom plan of action to help them rise above the competition and attract new business.

Content Marketing

Your online messaging should be produced in a way that is easily absorbed by users. This can make the difference between a lost lead and a new customer.

Social Media Marketing

Leveraging of social media marketing results in increased leads and conversions, development of strong customer relationships.

Mobile Web Design

Getting a responsive website now gives you a head start on your competition — and provides you with a sustainable website for years to come.


Web Design, SEO and Local Internet Marketing for a Powerful Brand

 Increase Your Website Traffic
 Build Your Brand
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Pete Currington

Pete Currington

Web Designer and Marketing Director

Pete co-founded Local Boost in 2005. He has been working in the online software and development field since 2000 where he started with FatWire Software. For a change in scenery, he moved to Thailand where he taught high school students the fundamentals of web design, programs, and online marketing.

Pete’s the grounding force of Local Boost with his sound technical skills and creative abilities. He has basically delivered complete projects from the ground up – product design/development to full online deployment.

Kat Hood

Kat Hood

SEO/SEM Expert

Kat co-founded Local Boost in 2005. She possesses an innate ability to process, organize and summarize massive volumes of client and market information and turn it into actionable, strategic thinking.


Pete Currington and the Local Boost team accomplished everything I wanted in my website.  I needed someone to take the reins and they did it with perfection.  My business has been booming since.  We could not be more pleased with their service. Brand Little

Captain, Little Fish Company

Our non-profit needed a professional online presence.  Local Boost came in and not only made our site look great, but allowed us to take donations and get volunteers to sign up.  This gave a new spark to our cancer league! Maryann Currington

President, South Lake Tahoe Cancer League

I had a vision for my brand the team at Local Boost is really help me make it all unfold. Gina

Owner, Woods Apothecary

Pete brings way more to the table than just web design.  He brings a large knowledge base of marketing ideas and strategies. He’s been a valuable asset to our team here at TruthPaste and we’re keeping on board for the long term. Peter Cobabe

Co-Founder, TruthPaste


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Local Boost is a service offered by KKP Golden Connection.  Local Boost caters to smaller, local businesses who are looking to make more of an impact on the web.  The prices and details cater to local businesses and startups.