Local Boost Online Marketing For Local Business


Local SEO is a type of search engine optimization that focuses on using techniques to improve the visibility of local businesses on search engines like Google™, Yahoo!™ and Bing™


Higher Rankings on Major Search Engines

The foundation of a great local SEO campaign is an optimized Google listing. Local Boost has perfected the creation, verification, and optimization process for our clients. When it comes to local business advertising, an accurate and informative listing on Google is as valuable as having an ad in the yellow pages 20 years ago.


Get More Business

Local Boost exists to help local businesses gain high exposure in search engine results. Whether you’re a plumber, dentist, attorney, carpet cleaner, real estate agent, general contractor, etc. Local Boost will help your business achieve an established online presence using our proven formula.

Accurate Business Listings

Using our service means that your business information is verified and stored in one central location: our database. From there, your business information is pushed to the major local online directories to ensure accuracy and consistency.

No more wrong phone numbers and outdated addresses published on important online listings.

There are many levels to implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to your online business.  The first step to any SEO campaign is making sure your business has a solid foundation that is compliant with Google, and other search engine, standards.  This is what we, at KKP, call Base SEO.

The following criteria are the most important factors for Base SEO:

Website Platform

The system which your website is built on.  At KKP & Local Boost, we prefer your website to be built on WordPress, as this is the most flexible platform to implement future SEO strategies on.  WordPress is Google compliant and is very easy to build valuable content on.


There is a saying in the SEO world, “Content is King”.  The only way Google can determine what your website is about is by reading the content of your site.  Content includes text, images, videos, and links.  The structure of your content is very important as well such as titles highlighting what your content is about.

Website Performance

The way your website loads is an important factor to Google.  Have you ever been turned off by a slow loading website?  Google understands your pain and scores slow loading websites very poorly.  Also, having broken images and links will really hurt your website SEO.  Let’s make sure your website is performing at its peak level


Did you ever notice how Wikipedia shows up first for almost 90% of your searches?  Wikipedia has one of the highest authorities on the web.  The reason for this is that so many other websites reference back to Wikipedia with a link from their site.  Google puts these links (backlinks) in very high regard.  By building valuable content you can become an authority on the subject for your business.  You’ll start to have others referring back to you.  This will prove to be very powerful for your SEO.

User Experience

Does your site look good?  When someone comes to your site, are they enticed to click on something and stay longer?  Google is tracking how long the average visitor stays on your site.  This is a good indicator to Google whether your website is relevant and interesting to people.




Monthly Local SEO @ $600 monthly


On-Page SEO refers to settings you can apply on the website so that it is optimized for search engines. The most important on Page SEO Elements are:

  • Optimized titles and descriptions
  • Proper URL Structures
  • User-friendly navigation (breadcrumbs, user sitemaps)
  • Optimized internal links
  • Text Formatting (use of h1,h2,bold etc)
  • Image optimization (image size, proper image names, use of ALT tag)
  • User-friendly 404 pages
  • Fast loading pages
  • Google Indexing for all pages
  • Top quality fresh content (This is always the most important SEO factor!)
  • External & Internal links (no broken links or links to ‘bad’ sites)
  • Google & Bing Webmaster Tools & Analytics installed and set-up properly

Unlike On- page SEO, off-page SEO refers to activities outside the boundaries of the web page. The most important are:

  • Review of Inbound Links
  • Review of Social Media profiles and usage 
  • Social bookmarking
  • Review of National & Local Listings of the business. Using software to comb the internet for where your business is listed.
  • Analysis on how to achieve rankings above competitors